About Us

History of Schulman Group

In 1967, along with Dr. Harry Galblum and Dr. Harold Eskew, Martin “Bud” Schulman formed an orthodontic laboratory to serve the local Washington DC area orthodontic community. Dental Corporation of America (DCA) grew rapidly in its early years and Bud, a successful accountant and businessman, gained the respect of many dentists during this time as a principal in DCA.

As he worked with the dental community, Bud realized most dentists were good clinicians but sorely lacking in management skills and expertise in basic business principles. During the early 70’s Bud gave up his leadership role in the new company and formed his own consulting company to assist dentists reach a higher level of business expertise within their individual practices.

His business expertise benefited his clients and he quickly became sought after as a knowledgeable consultant. In the early 1980’s Bud increased his consulting base when he began to publish his widely read , highly successful management/investing newsletter and also begin to offer one day seminars for both general dentists and dental specialists.


We are a group of orthodontic practice owners dedicated to excellent patient care and clinical success in the orthodontic profession, who have formed an organization that allow us to remain independent in our own practices while having the ability to freely share practice management and clinical insights.

· We are an innovative, member-owned orthodontic organization whose members represent the top
practicing of orthodontists in the United States.
· We offer members the advantages of an OSO while preserving independent practice ownership.
· We choose to work with progressive industry leaders that deliver state-of-the-art goods and services of
greatest benefit to Schulman members and the public to whom we serve.

Although the exact date of the first meeting has been lost to history, the Super Schulman Study Club was formed soon after the newsletter inception, at the request of some of his clients who were orthodontic specialists. During that time Bud organized the study club comprised of those orthodontists interested learning more about his personal business and management philosophy. 40 practices who could verify a specific minimum gross income were asked to participate. Although he group was initially formed using only the financial criteria, the participants quickly came to recognize the value of shared information and collection of management statistics from all practices was added as a requirement of membership.

Bud ran the meetings with an iron hand and review of the statistics played an integral part. During those meetings, he would often ask anyone who he felt had too high an overhead or worked an inefficient amount of time to stand and explain! Spouse participation was a requirement and his beloved wife Jodi attended each session, leading by example. The participating doctors and their spouses loved Bud, viewed him as a true friend, and soon found the group information and friendships formed invaluable in their own practice growth.

As Bud spent more time consulting, he had less time to devote to his newsletter. In 1987 John McGill, JD, MBA purchased the newsletter and began his long partnership with the group. At the meetings John would provide the tax information and Bud continued to review the statistics. For the next 13 years, interest in and reputation of the Super Schulman Group grew. John McGill and staff provided the organizational expertise for the annual doctors meeting and a membership board was established. Bud’s friendly personality, implicit honesty, and willingness to share information with all he worked with became the hallmarks of his career. Those traits continue as the cornerstone for this study group.

As of April 2018, the Super Schulman Study Club formed as the SG Management LLC. and has returned to our study club roots. The core values displayed by the Study Club continue as we take the next step into our future.